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As a public radio station, 107.9FM WJZP is supported by listeners like you through donations and volunteer service. If you enjoy the music we play and the programs we offer, please consider volunteering your time. Volunteer opportunities include fundraising, clerical, public relations, writing, WJZP Ambassador, advertising, etc. To learn more, please contact:us @

1. Tune in and turn on your friends and family. Monday commuting, Friday night cruising, Saturday grooving,

we're there for you!

2. Make a donation to support our non-profit.

3. Become a member

Support WJZP1079 when you shop on Amazon (

When you shop online at, every purchase you make, they will donate a portion of that to your favorite non-profit.

We would like to thank all of our listeners for your support.



Grants from family, corporate, and community foundations are key to sustaining WJZP-107.9 and its public service mission. How will these resources be used? First, fuel the station’s general operations and, more importantly, enable WJZP-107.9 to expand its local music and cultural footprint, expand our digital offerings, and create other distinctive programming for Portland, Maine.

To learn more about the ways your foundation or organization can support WJZP-107.9 and specific projects and programs, please contact us at (207) 774-3178.


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