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Friends of WJZP 107.9
Welcome to the Friends of WJZP campaign! For over 20 years, WJZP 107.9 FM has been a vital part of the Black communityt in Portland providing diverse programming, local news, and a platform for underrepresented voices. As the only community radio station in New England that is Black owned and operated, WJZP is committed to amplifying the voices and stories of our community.

Why Support WJZP:

20 Years of Service: For over two decades, WJZP has been a beacon of community empowerment, broadcasting music, news, and information that reflect the rich diversity of Portland and beyond.

Representation Matters: As the only Black-owned and operated community radio station in New England, WJZP plays a crucial role in elevating voices that are often marginalized in mainstream media.

Community Impact: Your support directly contributes to the continued success and sustainability of WJZP, ensuring that we can serve our community for another 20 years and beyond.

How You Can Help:

Your donation today, whether it's a one-time gift or a recurring contribution, makes a significant difference in our ability to continue providing high-quality programming and essential services to our listeners. No amount is too small, and every dollar counts towards our goal of reaching 20 more years of community radio excellence.

Join the WJZP Family:

Become a Friend of WJZP today by making a donation and sharing our campaign with your friends, family, and networks. Together, we can ensure that WJZP remains a vibrant and vital part of the Portland community for generations to come.

Thank you for your support!

Dennis Ross 

Grants from family, corporate, and community foundations are key to sustaining WJZP-107.9 and its public service mission. How will these resources be used? First, fuel the station’s general operations and, more importantly, enable WJZP-107.9 to expand its local music and cultural footprint, expand our digital offerings, and create other distinctive programming for Portland, Maine.

To learn more about the ways your foundation or organization can support WJZP-107.9 and specific projects and programs, please contact us at (207) 774-3178.

Planning a gift to WJZP is a wonderful and thoughtful way to create a lasting legacy for WJZP-107.9. Your bequest helps secure the future of public radio for listeners throughout Portland, Maine. Might you consider this? There are a number of factors to weigh carefully. When considering your charitable goals and objectives, we strongly encourage you to seek the counsel of your legal, tax or financial adviser before finalizing any gift intention.

For more information about estate planning, we encourage you to contact your financial or legal adviser. Afterwards, if you’ve decide your estate can help ensure WJZP-107.9’s future and for our listeners, please contact us at (207) 774-3178.

CAR DONATION - Our station makes donating your cars very simple!
Give your used vehicle new purpose when you donate it to support the programs you love. Donating is easy, the pick-up is free, and your gift is tax-deductible. Click here to find out more.

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Thank you for your donation!

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