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It is the philosophy of all of us at WJZP that jazz music, in all of its various forms, is a reflection and celebration of the world’s incredible diversity, and an expression of the human experience. It is our belief that, because of this, the promotion and preservation of jazz music is of international importance and is a valuable public service. Here at WJZP, it is our duty to bring high quality jazz entertainment, education and artistry to the people of Portland, Maine and beyond. Within our community, it is our mission to act as a bridge between local artists, local venues, businesses, and the general public in an effort to make jazz accessible and promote artistic and economic growth in our community. With the unifying spirit of jazz as our inspiration, we strive to promote the art form and better our community through music.





It is our goal at WJZP to be more than just a radio station; we strive to honor and represent our home city of Portland, Maine by making great music accessible to everyone through quality broadcasting, live performances, and community outreach. We will use our voice as a local non-profit organization to promote the ever-growing artistic and cultural landscape of Portland to showcase the city’s own artists, venues, businesses and events. In addition to our local engagement, we hope to become an integral part of the preservation and promotion of jazz music in our state by helping to generate new jazz listeners of all age groups and helping to put Portland on the map for jazz listeners and performers around the world.

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